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Redefine Your Keyboard Input Signals For Free

The Keytweak program allows you to remap your keyboard keys: you are able to reset all your mapping with just one click you may disable keys enable others and save your redefinition within just a few clicks.

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  • Sorin Acela

    by Sorin Acela

    Horrible piece of junk. It is an old horrible piece of junk. It can only do some childish stuff. You cannot change the $ key, because the junk only understands 4. It doesn't understand SHIFT+key. It's 2009 anyway! Pros: zero. Cons: Doesn't understand your need to change a SHIFT+key. It's antique. Not suitable for Windows 10

  • susan sullivan

    by susan sullivan

    Thank you so so much for quickly & easily solving my Lenovo keyboard issue!. This program is so easy and effective. I had my Lenovo ideapad 510 keyboard issue solved in under 4 minutes! So easy to switch the pgup and the right shift. What a serious design flaw in an otherwise good computer. Thanks to this program I did not throw the computer in frustration. Thank you so so much!!!! Pros: easy.More

  • by Anonymous

    It works.. How do I function without this program? Absolutely awesome. Does what it promises: it changes one key to another. Works on Windows 7, 8.1 and 10. And on top of that, it's free. I don't know what problem people who rated this low had.

  • by Anonymous

    great. Great solution to damaged keyboard... Worked best for me , thanks :) Cheers

  • by Anonymous

    Easy to use program to design your own keyboard. This is exactly what I wanted. I only wanted to switch out a few keys on my keyboard, and this program is simply perfect for my needs. The program is easy to use, even for a non-techie person like myself. So happy to find this. Pros: easy to use. full functional. Cons: would like to be able to toggle back to Qwerty

  • by Anonymous

    Windows 10 problem. Stopped working since I upgraded to Windows 10. Irritating. Cons: Won't work since I upgraded to W10

  • by Anonymous

    Great keybard remapper. Works with Windows 10.. This is a great keyboard remapper. I am an old WORDSTAR user. I believe the <Ctrl> key never should have been moved. I have used KeyTweak for years to flip <CapsLock> and <LeftCtrl>. There many other keys on the keyboard I would never use without remapping. Combined with AutoHotkey the power of this softwareMore

  • by Anonymous

    Can't do without it.. Tired of hitting Keylock by mistake? Then move it. Tired of the useless Insert key? Then disable it. Wonderful program. Pros: Simplicity

  • by Anonymous

    love. I recently bought a Lenovo U400, which I love, but the designers for some reason decided to make the delete button a bit smaller and stick the dratted home button just to the right of it. Which meant that I frequently accidentally bumped home instead of delete and ended up in a whole world of mess typing at the beginning of the line where I was trying to delete an error. Rather than throw myMore