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I recently bought a Lenovo U400, which I love, but the designers for some reason decided to make the delete button a bit smaller and stick the dratted home button just to the right of it. Which meant that I frequently accidentally bumped home instead of delete and ended up in a whole world of mess typing at the beginning of the line where I was trying to delete an error. Rather than throw my laptop out the window when it destroyed the umpteenth line of code that I was working on, I decided to do some digging to fix the problem. And found keytweak. which downloaded in seconds and in a few more seconds had made everything all better! their map of the keyboard in the program doesn't match my keyboard, but I just found the button that I wanted to change on their map and it still did the trick. I also played around with it a bit more and changed the completely useless page down button to automatically bring up the calculator. this is one happy computer nerd. thanks developers.

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23 Feb 2013

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